Silo 500 m3


Silo for storage of woodworking wastes with equipment for feeding solid fuel boiler

from the top to down
* air expulsion chimney diameter 300 mm
* filter battery with n. 48 sleeves  diameter 180 x 1200 mm
* temperature detector
* access door
* guardrail above silo roof
* 12 anti-burst doors “ATEX”
* 5 plexiglas windows for content control
* maintenance and control ladders with parking balconies
* lower access door with respective balcony
– at the bottom
* side emergency unloading hatch
* “WEISS” rotary extractor with rotary and extractive chain
* extractor discharge star valve, 1.5 Kw
* metering loading fan, 15 Kw
* collector diameter 220 mm directed to the roto-doser
* pneumatic pipe for loading the silo
* electrical control panel
Silo is completely galvanized, it is composed of 11 elements Diameter 6443 mm H. 1700.
Basic skirt built from 3 + 3 Semi-Volumes H. 1300 mm
cubic capacity about 580 M3
Year of construction 2008, silo stopped for 2 years, stopped because the wood waste boiler was replaced,
with a natural gas boiler.

PRICE: € 65,000.00 (sixty five thousand euros)
DEL: ex-works north of Italy, loaded on several trucks
DELIVERY: to be agreed, from order confirmed not earlier than 15 days.
PAYMENT: 30% order, 70% before loading.
OFFER VALIDITY: offer valid unless sold.
EXCLUDED: chip transport / from chipping plant and refining of waste to the boiler feeding silo.

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