Aspiration system 50 000 m3 h – substation

Filtering substation(aspirating sistem) brand TVM built in 1994, with 432 filter bags (6 modules of 72 bags each), diameter of socks 120mm, length 2500mm. Capacity of aspiratin motor 50,000 m3 / h, 75 Hp./55 Kw. , used and good condition.  Sleeve cleaning.
The kit includes the control panel for: filter cleaning, engine ignition, rotary valve automatism and auger. Approximate overall dimensions: Filter room: 730 x 250 x h300 cm.
Auger: 750 x 250 x h255 cm. Motor 220 x 200 x h205 cm. Weight about 5200 Kg.

PRICE   EURO 18.300 (VAT excluded) = ex-works loaded on truck

Payment to be agreed